Intraoral Scanners’ Book

Dr. Alireza Rezaei’s book called “Intraoral Scanners and Digital Workflow” for the first time in the world in the field of Digital Dentistry.

Undoubtedly, the use of digital systems in dentistry will increase daily so digital dentistry can be a suitable alternative to traditional treatment methods. Intraoral scanners will play a significant role in digital dentistry soon.

In this book, Dr. Alireza Rezaei practically compiled all the information and reviewed a wide range of articles and research conducted until the end of 2021 related to this critical tool in the field of Digital Dentistry.

This book is the first book that has been written in the world related to intraoral scanners, and it has been tried to be written in a simple and fluent language, which is currently being prepared to be printed in English.

There are also other books on the way!